We are located in the beautiful mountains of the North Carolina High Country in Boone and are currently making house calls.  We support families with both health and wellness therapies and Childbirth Doula services so that they are able to enjoy vibrant, lasting health and enjoy an easy transition to parenthood.

Passionate about healthy families, we believe that the childbearing years are critical to the health of our children and our children’s children.  Aligned with the research of nutritional pioneers like Weston A Price DDS, and Francis Pottenger MD we see that there is scientific evidence that supporting our bodies with properly prepared nutrient dense foods, and the short-term use of targeted nutritional supplements can restore our health at a cellular level.

Our childbirth Doula services provide mom and dad-to-be with much-needed physical, mental and emotional support in navigating the “birth world” and having a trained professional advocate to help them carry out their birth plans.

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