Endless Blessings Holistic Wellness specializes in both Nutritional Therapy and Childbirth Doula Services.  Our Doulas serve the Boone, North Carolina area and neighboring areas: Wautaga, Avery, Wilkes, and Ashe counties.  Our Nutritional Therapy Services, can be scheduled both locally, in-person and worldwide.  Distance is no hurdle.

Nutritional Therapy Services

What is nutritional therapy?  

Nutritional Therapy focuses on providing the body nutrient density so that it has building blocks that it needs to heal and function optimally.  Nutritional wealth is accomplished by a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet.  If the body has the tools that it needs it is able to keep balanced and healthy.  Nutritional Therapy Practitioners focus on healing the body at its foundations in order to promote vibrant, lasting health.

We are aware that each person is very different an is in need of a bio-indiviudal diet that is specific to their nutritional needs.  I use nutrient-dense foods, targeted short-term supplements, herbs, stress management and lifestyle recommendations in order to support the body to heal.  I am also trained in complementary tools such as essential oils and flower essences to help speed recovery.   Nutritional therapy promotes optimal health by allowing body chemistry to balance and thus reducing or eliminating dysfunction.

How does it work?

Nutritional Therapists examine if there are nutritional deficiencies present, work to restore missing nutrients and balance to the client, and evaluate when the client is sufficient. In order to determine these things we take a health history and diet history, evaluate a 3 day food journal, and for local clients we preform a hands on functional evaluation.  Our approach is comprehensive and individualized for each person. 

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy benefits everyone from children to adults.  It can be extremely valuable for conceiving couples, pregnant woman, postpartum women, those in their childbearing years and the elderly.  It really doesn’t matter if you suffer from a very specific condition, or a lack of energy real whole, nutrient dense food can get you on the right track to feeling the way you were designed to feel!

How do I get started?

Contact Becky via the contact page, or call 828-964-3496 to inquire about rates and schedule your initial consultation.    I see clients both local to the Boone, North Carolina area as well as distance clients.  If you have any questions please contact or call.  I’d be happy to talk with you about my services.  

Childbirth Doula Services

What is a childbirth Doula? 

The name Doula means “woman’s servant” and a childbirth Doula is just that.  A Doula is a trained and experienced professional that is devoted to helping the birth couple understand their choices during both pregnancy and birth.  A Doula does not take the place of a midwife or caregiver.  We are not employed by the hospital, but employed by the expecting couple.  We provide mental, physical, and informational support during pregnancy and Childbirth to help couples navigate the often confusing “birth world”.  We also help advocate for couples in the birthing room to make sure that their birth wishes are carried out as much as possible.

Studies show that when a Doula attends a birth then a mother’s labor is shorter.  Father’s are often at ease and able to more actively participate in the childbirth process with another woman who understands the psychological and physical needs of a mother can coach them through the labor process.

What does a Childbirth Doula do?

  • Doula’s help the expecting mom or couple prepare a birth plan that meets her needs and helps to carry out the plans for her birth.
  • A Doula will stay with the laboring woman throughout labor or whenever her and her partner call on her, she is available.
  • They provide comfort measures for mom and coach dad on how to participate in helping comfort mom to where he is comfortable.
  • They facilitate communication between a laboring woman, her partner, and her caregiver.
  • They help her to get the information she needs to make critical decisions during labor.

A Childbirth Doula assumes a nurturing role to help the mother’s birth experience to be as positive as possible and helps to allow this early transition to parenthood go smoothly.

Combined Services

There are opportunities for combined services please use the contact me via the contact page or call 828-964-3496 to find out more about rates and availability.