Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and Baby with this Natural Fertility ebook Bundle


There is a lot of information to take in when preparing for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and birth.  And, how can you even begin to prepare your body for pregnancy without getting overwhelmed with where to go?  Unfortunately,  most caregivers don’t offer mom the nutritional advice that she needs in order to start off on the right foot.

And, it is often so expensive to invest in a library of pregnancy, birth and baby ebooks. [Read more…]

Increasing Milk Supply 101 for Breastfeeding Mothers

I often get comments from parents who have long since weened their children about how difficult it was for them to breastfeed because they did not make enough milk. Sadly, most of the time not making enough milk was probably not the problem that they were facing. This is actually a very rare problem. Most likely, they probably didn’t know enough about breastfeeding to start with in order to increase their milk supply before giving up. And, on an even sadder note most doctors aren’t as skilled as they should be in helping mom establish a great milk supply.

For some mothers not being able to breastfeed is a very rare condition.  Most women can physically breastfeed their babies.  If their is a problem experienced when breastfeeding I highly recommend seeking professional help in order to correct the problem so that it doesn’t persist.  Breastfeeding can be an enjoyable and bonding experience for both mother and baby. [Read more…]

Bare Essentials Needed for a Newborn

One of my mama’s recently asked me, “What products do I absolutely need to buy for having a newborn in the house?”  This is honestly a fabulous question.  There are so many products out there and it is confusing to really know what to buy as a new mom.  With my first child I really thought I needed at least one of everything to make my little one happy.  Well, that just isn’t so…

During the first few months of life that precious little bundle doesn’t really even need much at all.  Not even toys!  I mean, unless you are holding a toy 6 inches above that sweet little face your newborn can’t see it for a while. [Read more…]

How to Help Siblings Transition to a New Baby in the Family

Sometimes it is so hard on little ones when there is a new baby in the family.  They have gotten used to being the one that gets all the attention and now there is someone else that has most likely stolen the show.   Preparing ahead of time can help your little tike transition more quickly and easily into being a big brother or sister.  Here are some tips on helping siblings thrive as your accept a new baby into the family.

  • Consider a Special Gift – Since baby is often mommy and daddy’s special gift, your little one has a need to continue to feel special too.  Consider doing some shopping before the birth so that your little one can receive something special the first time they meet the new baby.  Even though it is important that little ones know real love instead of getting things to show love some times even a very small gift can help a child know that you are thinking about them and not just the new little bundle. [Read more…]

Is there a Cure for Colic?

What causes colic?  The truth is experts don’t really know.  Although most assume that it is a gastrointestinal problem this may or may not be so.  Pediatricians also attribute colic to an underdeveloped nervous system, medication taken my mom,  food allergies, environment,  mom and babies emotional health and temperament.    Research has shown that for 50% of babies it may be a mild acid reflux.  And, for some there just is no telling.  Apparently, I was a very colicky baby myself.   My mom reminds me that for weeks I would scream for hours and the pediatrician attributed it all to colic.  I don’t know if it was payback or what by my daughter had quite a bit of colic during several hours during the day for at least the first few months of her life.

Colic is defined by uncontrolled crying in infants from about two weeks to three months old.  For a baby to be considered truly colicky crying spells must last for three or more hours at least three times a week or more. [Read more…]

Must Have Baby Products!

Right now, hubby and I are expecting baby #3!  We are very excited for this little bambino to come along.  There may be nothing more hilarious in our lives right now that our 3 year-old boy and our 20 month-old girl.  Between those two little boogers we are (almost) always laughing and smiling.  Because we have been blessed by having a boy and then a girl we figured with #3 it would be great to be surprised and not find out the sex of the baby this time around.  I mean we already have all the baby stuff we need right?  At least, we are blessed with clothing for both sexes.  But, I started asking myself what are the must have baby products?

Even though we have most baby stuff imaginable, I recently took a poll of parents to find out what their favorite of favorite baby products are.  I was curious and was wondering if I had the best of the best.  And, it is unfortunate to me that I am missing some of these great products.  I think I will be needing to make up a little registry.

If you are having a little one here are some must have baby products that parents say that they rather not live without.  You might want to take note and add them to your baby registry! Or, if you are looking for some fabulous baby shower gifts you may not want to miss out on this list so that mama can get all that she needs!

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes

Ergo Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator – Yes you read that right!


HALO sleep sacks

Swaddle Blankets

Sound Machine

Baby Bee Dusting Powder

What about you?  Do you have any baby products that you’d rather not live without?

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