Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and Baby with this Natural Fertility ebook Bundle


There is a lot of information to take in when preparing for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and birth.  And, how can you even begin to prepare your body for pregnancy without getting overwhelmed with where to go?  Unfortunately,  most caregivers don’t offer mom the nutritional advice that she needs in order to start off on the right foot.

And, it is often so expensive to invest in a library of pregnancy, birth and baby ebooks. [Read more…]

When to Book Your Childbirth Doula

piper1Ever since I began supporting woman in childbirth I have been surprised at just how many woman are scurrying around at the last minute looking for a doula.  I have been called on several occasions by mothers-to-be who are in need of booking a doula ASAP because their due date looms ahead of them.

There may be many reasons for this.  Some mother’s don’t realize how important it is to have a doula on their birth team until they are about to give birth and all their friends want to know who they decided to use for a doula. Other mother’s have no idea what a doula is until she gets close to their due date and begins to ask more questions about what a birth experience might be like.  And still, other mothers just get caught up in their busy schedules and then {smack} the fact that they are about to have a baby nearly hits them in the face. [Read more…]

Can I afford to hire a doula?

Did you know that hiring a doula can save you money?

Yep, you read that right.  By hiring a doula you can actually save money.  It is no secret that the costs of healthcare and be through the roof.  Have you ever seen an itemized bill for a birth?

Many studies have documented the benefit of having a doula present during childbirth.

Benefits such as [Read more…]

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5 Ways to Be a Better Mom

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I don’t claim to have the “Mother of the Year Award” or even the “Mother of the Month” for that matter.  To be honest, many times I feel like an all around failure as a mom.  I just birthed my third child nearly 10 weeks ago and I feel like my life has been chaos since several months before little precious #3 was born.  Don’t get me wrong I love my children and I am extra thankful for every single day that they are on this planet with me, but that doesn’t mean that there are times that I’ve wanted to tear my hair out.  Now I know why everyone looks at you like you are crazy when you have three kids under four.  Sometimes I feel like a freak show the way people look at us. And, now I know what some of those other moms feel like that have the big families.

Now, let’s get a little raw here.  I’ve struggled tremendously at yelling at my children, even though I sai [Read more…]

Increasing Milk Supply 101 for Breastfeeding Mothers

I often get comments from parents who have long since weened their children about how difficult it was for them to breastfeed because they did not make enough milk. Sadly, most of the time not making enough milk was probably not the problem that they were facing. This is actually a very rare problem. Most likely, they probably didn’t know enough about breastfeeding to start with in order to increase their milk supply before giving up. And, on an even sadder note most doctors aren’t as skilled as they should be in helping mom establish a great milk supply.

For some mothers not being able to breastfeed is a very rare condition.  Most women can physically breastfeed their babies.  If their is a problem experienced when breastfeeding I highly recommend seeking professional help in order to correct the problem so that it doesn’t persist.  Breastfeeding can be an enjoyable and bonding experience for both mother and baby. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Try to Have a Natural Birth

What kind of birth do you want?  Have you thought about what is really important to you when you have your birth experience?  Birth is one of those experiences that women can remember in detail for the rest of their lives.  Naturally, it would be important to protect that memory by exploring the birth that you would like to have before that happens.  Here are some thoughts on natural birth so that you might explore all your options. [Read more…]

Give Your Support for North Carolina Families to Have the Right to Choose A Legal Homebirth

The families of North Carolina should have the right to choose to have a legal homebirth if that is what they desire.  Recently, that right has been restricted when homebirth CNMs have been dropped by their supervising physician.  These CNMs need a supervising physician in the state of North Carolina in order to attend homebirths.  Read more over at the High Country Parent about what is going on and how you can help make a change.

Three Hospital Procedures Your Infant May or May Not Need

Most new moms don’t know what the routine birth procedures are at most hospitals.  I can honestly say as a new mom that I didn’t.   And, many times even if moms do know the routine procedures they don’t know why the hospitals have them in place.  I’m over at the High Country Parent today discussing three infant procedures that your infant may or may not need.   Join in on the conversation by leaving a comment at the bottom of my post over there.  I would love to know your thoughts!