Help for At-risk moms and their babies and a Boppy Giveaway

Congratulations to Sandy N for winning the Boppy Giveaway! Thanks to all who entered.  Don’t forget to click to help ask risk mothers!


I was recently contacted by The Boppy Company to share about their Mother’s Day Support Program.  And, because The Boppy Company is dedicated to giving away their pillows to at-risk mothers and their babies I was thrilled to share about what they are doing.

The Boppy Company has plans to give away $20,000 worth of their pillows to at-risk moms and their babies, but they need your help!

You can participate in The Boppy Mother’s day Support program by just a click.  There is no donation required.  With just a click you can help at-risk moms and their babies be encouraged to breast-feed as they are supported by the Nurse-Family Partnership. I really love it that the Nurse Family Partnership has a mission to help first time moms succeed! [Read more…]

Boost Your Belly Strength with Homemade Pregnancy Tea

For many herbs use is safe and nutritious for a pregnant mama, just make sure you do your research as to which herbs are safe and not contraindicated during pregnancy.

There is a time-tested tradition of making a tea out of organic cut Red Raspberry Leaves in order to strengthen the uterus, prevent morning sickness, and even enhance mood.  During my own pregnancy I typically drink a cup of a blend containing Red Raspberry Leaves nightly and often make a whole gallon of iced tea to drink throughout the day.  I would highly recommend adding a tea infusion of Red Raspberry Leaf to any pregnant diet.  Not only does Red Raspberry tea add to ones nutritional intake for the day, but drinking tea on a regular basis can add to your fluid intake as well.   In order to add even more nutrients into ones cup of tea you can try this herbal pregnancy tea blend. [Read more…]

Bare Essentials Needed for a Newborn

One of my mama’s recently asked me, “What products do I absolutely need to buy for having a newborn in the house?”  This is honestly a fabulous question.  There are so many products out there and it is confusing to really know what to buy as a new mom.  With my first child I really thought I needed at least one of everything to make my little one happy.  Well, that just isn’t so…

During the first few months of life that precious little bundle doesn’t really even need much at all.  Not even toys!  I mean, unless you are holding a toy 6 inches above that sweet little face your newborn can’t see it for a while. [Read more…]

How to Help Siblings Transition to a New Baby in the Family

Sometimes it is so hard on little ones when there is a new baby in the family.  They have gotten used to being the one that gets all the attention and now there is someone else that has most likely stolen the show.   Preparing ahead of time can help your little tike transition more quickly and easily into being a big brother or sister.  Here are some tips on helping siblings thrive as your accept a new baby into the family.

  • Consider a Special Gift – Since baby is often mommy and daddy’s special gift, your little one has a need to continue to feel special too.  Consider doing some shopping before the birth so that your little one can receive something special the first time they meet the new baby.  Even though it is important that little ones know real love instead of getting things to show love some times even a very small gift can help a child know that you are thinking about them and not just the new little bundle. [Read more…]

Tips to Get Sleep While Pregnant

Do you have trouble sleeping while pregnant?  Most if not all women have trouble sleeping especially when that pregnant belly starts to grow larger and larger.  If you are needing some tips on sleeping better, stop by my post over at Nine Months & BeyondNine Months & Beyond is a doula service in Nashville that provides lots of other great resources!  Check it out!

You can also view this article on the local Parent’s blog the High Country Parent!

Is there a Cure for Colic?

What causes colic?  The truth is experts don’t really know.  Although most assume that it is a gastrointestinal problem this may or may not be so.  Pediatricians also attribute colic to an underdeveloped nervous system, medication taken my mom,  food allergies, environment,  mom and babies emotional health and temperament.    Research has shown that for 50% of babies it may be a mild acid reflux.  And, for some there just is no telling.  Apparently, I was a very colicky baby myself.   My mom reminds me that for weeks I would scream for hours and the pediatrician attributed it all to colic.  I don’t know if it was payback or what by my daughter had quite a bit of colic during several hours during the day for at least the first few months of her life.

Colic is defined by uncontrolled crying in infants from about two weeks to three months old.  For a baby to be considered truly colicky crying spells must last for three or more hours at least three times a week or more. [Read more…]

Meet Your Local Doulas Night Coming up on April 16th!

Meet me and other doulas in the area at the Meet Your doula night coming up on April 16th!  Here’s more info:

Meet Your Local Doulas

ß   Learn how Doulas can help during childbirth and post-partum

(Presentation by Carrington Pertalion, CNM will begin at 7:00pm)

ß   Meet local Doulas in a casual and friendly environment

ß   Enjoy refreshments while meeting other parents to be

ß   Attend for a chance to win a Be Well Pregnancy Gift Basket

Monday, April 16th

6:30pm at Earth Fare Café

This event is free and open to the public.  Registration is not required.

If you are a local doula interested in participating, please contact Lis McCachren for more details:

By phone: 828-719-9920 or by email:


Congratulations to All of Our Winners!

Thanks again to all who entered as well as those who sponsored are blog launch event!  It was a success!  If you missed reading about any of the great local mom businesses that sponsored our blog launch event, take a second stop by, and read a bit about their products and offerings.  As a mom, my hearts desire is to support other moms in their budding business ventures.  I love to see moms do what they are passionate about, what sets them on fire and if that helps them to make it financially possible to stay at home with their kids more power to them!  As we join as moms and all support each other, I know that we will have a stronger mom community here in the High Country and be able to bless our families through our gifts and strengths.

Once again, Congratulations to all our winners!  If you haven’t been contacted yet by our sponsor please send us an email! [Read more…]

Review and Coupon: Pixie Fluff Cloth Diapers

Recently, we received a Pixie Fluff water proof pocket diaper with plastic snaps as well as a bamboo hemp trifold insert to review so that we might be able to share with you its amazingness.  It looks quite similar to the one pictured to the left.

Cloth diapers are not new to us, but pocket diapers are.  For some reason I had always heard horror stories about stuffing them.  But, this wasn’t the case.  My little one loved these diapers.  I think it even made her more comfortable to wear a pocket diaper because of the wicking jersey on the inside.  This diaper was very cute, stylish, and comfortable.  My little girl had a blast roaming around in it.

And, I must not forget to mention how incredible well made these diapers are!  Dixie Jarman, the owner of Pixie Fluff is a local High Country mommy and I can tell that she takes so much pride in her work.  This diaper will fit up to a 32 pound child (and I personally think even a little bit larger child than that).  This diaper easily last from when your child is small until when they grow out of the diaper.  And, it can easily be machine washed and dried (as long as your dryer isn’t too hot to melt the snaps). [Read more…]